What do we mean!

What is a Ringette Prospect (RP)? Do I have support from my family, friends, and coaches to become one of the best RP?

This diagram helps you to understand what is involved when you want to become a Ringette Prospect. The RP program focuses on 13 to 18 year old ringette players. A “Select Player” is by definition a RP who plays for a top elite team such as the U14, U16 regional teams or U19 regional, provincial or national teams.

Being an RP model for your peers, you must demonstrate leadership on the ice and off the ice.

You must you must believe in yourself, you must play with confidence and character.

Being a great RP, you must know how to play when things are going well but more importantly you must know how to play when things are going poorly.

You must learn how to set goals, reach those goals, play with confidence, and improve your focus and so much more.

The diagram below includes the key characteristics of a Ringette Prospect’s profile:

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