Training Camp

Montreal, Qc, Canada
Summer Camp Flyer Sample

Excellence Ringette, in collaboration with the Prospects Ringette Invitational, is proud to offer a ringette day camp for ringette players in Montreal, Quebec. We will ensure that each participant has a valuable learning experience during the camp as well as the chance to meet new friends and have fun. Our training development program will offer in-depth and positive learning settings to enhance players’ technical skills, physical fitness, and mental attitude to better play the game.

Players will be constantly LEARNING at our camp focusing on developing the thought process of a player through practice, mental skills activities, competition, workouts, and interaction with our experienced instructors. Players will leave our camp with an attention to detail and mental focus that will help push them to new heights in their winter season. Our intent is to develop the competitive mindset of the player and prepare them for higher competition level while always building these qualities on a foundation of fun and love for the game.

We will offer a safe and caring environment that allows all of our participants to enjoy their camp experience regardless of their ringette experience or ability. Although involved in competitive situations with and against each other, there will be sense of family and team that is pervasive within the camp. Older campers often look out for younger campers as if they were their own siblings.

 INSTRUCTORS are from Excellence Ringette that specializes in ringette skills clinics, elite camps, and school- based sport etudes programs. Contact us for more Info & Registration.