Tournament Memories

The “Ringette Prospects Invitational” is one of the most popular tournament in the spring/summer that offers high-level competition for players while allowing them to meet new friends and play in a modern setting within a safe and healthy environment.

Closed to 500 teams have participated in the tournaments since the first one in 2009. ” It has been an immense success”, says one of the director of the Ringette Prospects Invitational. “We had collaboration and support from the local social, sports, and business communities.”

The tournament is always well structured; runs and ends on time, and has highly qualified tournament staff and top level officiating that always makes the event a well-run tournament offering fair but competitive games for all players.

2017 Result(ats) & Standings (2017-RPI (19-21 May)RS)

2016 Result(at)s & Standings (2016-RPI (10-12 June) Resul(at)s-Standings)

2015 Results & Standings (2015-RPI (19-21 June)RStandings)

2014 Results & Standings (2014-RPI (20-22 June)WebRStandings)

2013 Results & Standings (2013 WRSI (21-23 June)-RSS)

2012 Results & Standings (2012-Ringette (22-24 June)-MASTER-RS)

2011 Results & Standings (KIYHSF-WSRingette (24-26 June 2011))

2010 Results & Standings (KIYHSFSchedule-25-27June2010-RS)

2009 Results & Standings (KKIYHF2009RS