Q: Why participate in this Ringette event

A: To compete against other elite players while enhancing your ringette skills…

Q: Can I participate as an individual player if I do not have a team?

A: Yes, just complete the Registration form on this web site and we will place you into our tournament ringette Prospects team if we have enough players to from a team.

Q: What is the philosophy of this Prospects Ringette Invitational?

A: Our mission is to provide high quality ringette instruction in a positive environment. While we are totally dedicated to teaching and playing this great sport, we believe that FUN has to be an integral part of the game. In order to capture and maintain the interest of young players, our training sessions will be innovative and creative as well as educational.

Q: How is the staff prepared to take care of my daughter?

A: Our qualified ringette staff has extensive experience in running ringette events and they will make sure that the players are well supervised and have fun during all activities. Our staff will treat each player with professionalism and dignity.

Q: Is it a safe and secure setting for my child?

A: We offer a safe and caring environment that allows all of our participants to enjoy the camps and clinics regardless of their ringette experience or ability. Although involved in competitive situations with and against each other, there is sense of family and team that is pervasive at the tournament and camps. Older players often look out for younger girls as if they were their own siblings and they learn a sense of responsibility, while taking on this role.

Q: Can I register a team?

A: Yes, just complete the Team Application form on this web page and make the deposit required to reserve a place in this ringette tournament.

Q: I was wondering what happens if you don’t have a team going to this but just players?

A: If you do not have a full team (10 players minimum), we will encourage you to register the players for the tournament only as we will try to combine the girls with other individual players of the same age and ability that registered to form teams for the tournament.

Q: Why should I register to play in this ringette event?

A: Because this event offers a mix of games & skills clinics where the player is able to implement her new skills immediately during the tournament games. A unique experience and great opportunity to compete against the best players in your category while performing with discipline and character.

Q: Is there any benefit to sending in my team application early?

A: Yes, as we only have 6 spots per level and these will fill quickly. This will also allow your team to plan, fundraise, invite players, and organize their trip to this event. We urge you to reserve your hotel rooms early as they tend to fill up fast.

Q: Are skills clinics important during this ringette event?

A: Yes. This is the objective of our ringette program in this festival and our ringette staff will focus on this aspect at all times. They will be more than happy to meet the parents and discuss the strengths and potential areas/skills improvements that the players should work on to improve their game.

Q: How can I be best prepared before coming to this ringette festival as a coach?

A: Please, read this web page to be ready for the ringette activities.